Welcome to The Safety First. This is a self-deprecating, satirical, fearless, and joy-filled blog about the things that really matter. Like is Lost the best show ever made for TV? Yes. By far. Can I rank the top 25 Harry Hoods every played by Phish in order off the top of my head? Yes. What is the greatest decade in movie history? The 1980s. What is the best era for television? Right now.  Pop music? The 1980s, but right now is actually not bad and I’ll defend Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus to the death. Best Rock band ever? Stones or Beatles? Fuck that, it’s Taking Heads. This the kind of direction we want to go on this blog.

The founders are a duo of two cousins who grew up two blocks apart from one another with some colorful formative years that included furiously collecting baseball cards, playing Goonies and Maniac Mansion for NES, getting suspended for something to do with a 40 of Colt 45, playing Fight for Your Right at a high school dance, and both losing our younger brothers to mental illness. So, we’re here to make you laugh and cry and hopefully feel good during your escape in our adventures and think pieces.


Ryan has extensive blog writing experience spanning AOL Fanhouse, Sports Illustrated, Hidden Track (Glide Magazine), Relix, No Depression, Post-Trash, and Jambase. Ryan works full time in finance with a unbridled love for fixed income, so this is just an after work hobby. Kevin has a long list of self-produced and directed successful comic shorts floating around the interwebs and has known to crush it on the stand up circuit from time to time. We represent the coasts with Ryan in NYC and Kevin in Santa Monica.

So, effectively we are an entertainment blog. We’ll have long-form features with Image result for kevin dembinsky and ryan dembinskyinterviews, lists, satirical nonsense, movies, tv, music, and book commentary (reviews, I don’t know, who likes reviews anyway?), and a lot of just goofy stream of consciousness about cryptocurrencies and bond math. Anyway, we believe you are in for a treat.

Please come back regularly – like maybe twice a week or so. We’ll be here and our job is to entertain. You can bash us, love us, not really care about us, or anything in between, but we’ll try our asses off to make you laugh and think and share the things that we enjoy. You’ll get top notch entertainment recommendations up in here. In summary, we’re the shit, so let’s get on with it.